Chapel of all Saints in the Kutná Czech

The simple chapel exterior

Stepping inside will give you a bit of a creepy feeling especially seeing the piles of bones, Czech wood carver František Rint, with the skeletal art work and arrangement particularly the elaborate Schwarzenberg coat of-arms.

This church is small but 1000 years old. This church differentiates others as it is not decorated by wood, stone, marble or any other artificial materials but with Humans' bones!!!!
Sedlec Ossuary

The story starts when the Pope Hanry set his journey to Qudus during the holy war in the year 1218 he ordered crusaders to bring the bones of people were killed in the war in order to decorate the church.

In the year 1318 they redecorated the Church with new bones of around 300,000. In 1870 Sculptors reconstructed the decoration with 40,000 bones to look the church more attractive and beautiful.

At present this church is one of the famous church in the world
not for its ancientness but for its decoration with the bones of people.

This direct association with the holy land led to the graveyard becoming a sought after burial site among the aristocracy of Central Europe. At the time of the thirty years’ war in the 17th century, the number of burials outgrew the space available, the older remains began to be exhumed and stored in the chapel, and it’s estimated that the chapel now contains the bones of up to 40,000 people.

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